2005 Hyundai Portico Concept review and pictures

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Hyundai Portico Concept

Hyundai today introduced its new Portico concept vehicle during press days at the Chicago Auto Show. This event marks the world debut of this new design concept from Hyundai. "The Portico is an example of the new market segments Hyundai is exploring - in this case, the next generation of family transportation," said Hyundai`s Vice President of Product Development and Strategic Planning, John Krafcik. "Portico features seating for six passengers and roomy, flexible cargo space - previewing the types of attributes we`ll be adding to our growing Hyundai lineup in the U.S. We`ll have two all-new Hyundai models with seating for seven and roomy, flexible cargo space within the next year or so - all part of the 24/7 new model launch cadence we started with the Hyundai Tucson last fall."

The Portico concept vehicle previews Hyundai`s future growth in the U.S. market and its evolution here to a full-range producer of cars, trucks, and innovative concepts like this one that defy simple categorization.

Created to provide a look at the future of family transportation, the Hyundai Portico is designed to be a versatile vehicle that will adapt to the changing needs of modern families. The Portico is neither a sedan nor an SUV, but it provides the benefits of both designs with a car-like ride and a large, versatile and "family friendly" interior. Portico combines the functional benefits of current family vehicles in a stylish package with better drivability.

Portico offers a clean aesthetic appeal that delivers a feeling of strength and substance. Designers employed a unique panoramic roof design with glass that can be darkened to control the inside sunload. The unique seating configuration improves ingress and egress for six passengers and provides better legroom for all the passengers when compared to the common three-row configuration of current family vehicles.

Portico features front hinged front doors and rear hinged rear doors with a pillarless design. With both doors open, the Portico invites passengers into the high-styled interior. The Portico concept vehicle was designed and built by Hyundai`s Advanced Design Team at the Design Center in South Korea.

HPortico`s wide stance and long wheelbase deliver lots of useful interior space. The innovative concept`s key feature is the large, comfortable and versatile interior that provides three-across seating and the option of staggered seating for three in both the front seat and the second seat. Using two rows of three seats - which can be staggered - allows for comfortable three-across seating. This seating configuration also provides much more space and volume for cargo behind the rear seat - something that three-row vehicles lack.

Both front and rear seats are power-operated. A DVD-based entertainment center is provided for rear seat passengers. In front, driver and front passengers share a navigation screen and overhead console, providing key road and vehicle information.

Portico is powered by Hyundai`s new, high-tech Lambda V6 engine. It`s a 24-valve, DOHC V6 with aluminum heads and cylinder block, mated to a six-speed Shiftronic automatic transmission soon to be offered in Hyundai`s production vehicles. The Portico is also designed to accept Hyundai`s hybrid drive system. This configuration features two electric motors; one driving the front wheels and a second driving the rear wheels, providing efficient AWD (all-wheel-drive) capability. Front power is supplied by a 110 kW (136 horsepower) electric motor; a 60 kW (83 horsepower) motor powers the rear wheels.