2005 Infiniti Kuraza Concept review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 9 June 2006 , 17:06:00 byEmil

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Infiniti Kuraza Concept

The Kuraza Concept combines traditional Japanese design cues, extensive use of natural materials and modern technology to create a highly social, highly luxurious interior environment. The Kuraza takes design forward by focusing on space, rather than enhanced utility ? creating a highly social atmosphere to share with friends.

Focusing on the next level of interior design, where all passengers will be provided with equal comfort, roominess and amenities, the Kuraza is marked by six doors ? with the 3rd row doors on each side operating from rear hinges ? and three rows of large, luxurious side-by-side pairs of individual seats.

Key interior design features include stadium style seating for the 2nd and 3rd rows, which combine with the large windows and three overhead glass panels to provide a truly panoramic view; a center-beam console with drop-down sections for unrestricted side-to-side access; and extensive use of natural materials, including rich, beige leather, hand-crafted wood and milled aluminum-alloy.

Along with its six doors and large, wrap-around greenhouse, Kuraza?s exterior offers an Infiniti-style grille, unique multi-lens LED headlights and taillights, carriage-style side combination mirrors, turn signal indicators and spotlights; automatic retracting aluminum with wood-inlay side steps&$059 and 23-inch aluminum-alloy Infiniti-style wheels.