1957 Jaguar XK-SS 1957 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 23 October 2006 , 16:10:14 byEmil

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Jaguar XK-SS 1957

British luxury car manufacturer, Jaguar, decided to focus its attention on the XK model and so, came up with the idea of the XK-SS. This model is actually the road-going version of the Jaguar D-Type. The carmaker only had the opportunity to build 16 units of the XK-SS as the Jaguar factory was destroyed as a result of a big fire. The molds of the car were ruined as well and this is why there were only 16 cars developed of the XK-SS model.

The XK-SS is the road-going version of the Jaguar D-Type. Only 16 XK-SS's were built before a fire destroyed the Jaguar factory and the molds for the car.