2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee BLUETEC Concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 18 July 2006 , 15:07:06 byEmil

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Jeep Grand Cherokee BLUETEC Concept

The E 320 BLUETEC and the Vision GL 320 BLUETEC on display at the Detroit Motor Show 2006 mark the start of a unique Mercedes-Benz initiative: leading-edge BLUETEC technology makes the diesel powertrain in every vehicle category the cleanest diesel in the world. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles are renowned for their exceptional torque and pulling power, economical performance and impressive operating range. All of which adds up to a custom-designed powertrain which will be available to customers in the US beginning in 2006.
By introducing the innovative modular BLUETEC technology package, Mercedes-Benz has transformed the diesel engine into a powertrain with the potential to comply with the most stringent of emission standards anywhere ? in all 50 US states and world-wide. A vision has therefore become reality as the extremely economical Mercedes-Benz CDI models are the cleanest diesels in the world in every category and consume between 20 to 40 percent less fuel than their gasoline counterparts. Both the E 320 BLUETEC (expected 35 mpg or 6,7 l/100 km) and the Vision GL 320 BLUETEC (expected 25 mpg or 9.4 l/100 km) will be easily the most economical vehicles in their respective categories in the US. Diesel vehicles play a key role in reducing both fuel consumption and the dependence on oil imports. The main reason why Mercedes-Benz diesels have enjoyed such success since their reintroduction in the US in 2004 is their impressive economic efficiency and performance.

BLUETEC is a modular concept, which combines various closely coordinated technologies aimed at minimizing emissions. The result is a gradual and effective, care-fully measured minimization of all relevant emission constituents. Passenger cars equipped with this technology incorporate an oxidizing catalytic converter and a particulate filter as well as effective "DeNOx" (nitrogen oxide-reducing) systems. Here the so-called BLUETEC technology is utilized. In each case, it is the individual vehicle concept and the specific market conditions determine whether an advanced DeNOx-storage catalytic converter is used or an AdBlue injection system.

Whichever of these engineering solutions is implemented, one thing is for sure: BLUETEC makes the diesel drive system in every vehicle category the cleanest diesel in the world.

In order to be wholly effective, BLUETEC technology for passenger cars and light trucks requires low-sulfur diesel fuel with a sulfur content below 15 ppm. This clean fuel ? already widely available across Europe and obtainable in the US from autumn 2006 ? facilitates lower emissions from all diesel engines currently on the market and thus plays an important part in cutting emission levels in general.