2005 Maybach Wellendorff Individualisation review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 2 March 2006 , 13:03:25 byEmil

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Maybach Wellendorff Individualisation

Maybach has on display now a Maybach 57 Saloon, a model that has a luxurious interior with precious stones and solid white-gold at Baselworld, jewelry show between March 31st and April 7th. It is called the Wellendorff Individualization and offers particularity discerning owners the possibility to improve the interior according to their own individual tastes. The carmaker presented the concept model for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show that took place this year. The car was built thanks to the collaboration between Maybach and Wellendorff, whose artisans handcraft the unique decorative inlays.

Maybach is displaying a high-end Maybach 57 Saloon featuring a luxurious interior appointed with solid white-gold inlays and precious stones at Baselworld, the world's premier watch and jewellery show (March 31 to April 7). The "Wellendorff Individualisation", as it is called, offers particularly discerning owners the opportunity to further refine the Maybach interior according to their own individual tastes. The German luxury car brand unveiled the new individualisation concept for the first time at this year's Geneva Motor Show in the form of a chauffeur-driven Maybach 62 Saloon embellished in yellow gold.

This latest stage of the successful Maybach individualisation strategy is based on close col-laboration with the renowned German jeweller Wellendorff, whose artisans meticulously handcraft the unique decorative inlays. The new options range from exquisite decorative trim strips embedded in the interior wood trim to monograms and individual coats of arms picked out in gold and diamonds.