2006 Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 12 April 2006 , 12:04:27 byEmil

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Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV

A concept for a new kind of sports compact that captures the essence of the Mitsubishi Motors brand as it combines driving pleasure with low fuel consumption.

Exterior highlights

Using the same rear-midship layout as the new i minicar to be launched in Japan this month, the wheels on Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV have been moved to the corners of the vehicle yielding a stable and forceful looking stance within a compact 3800 mm length.
The overall design theme was inspired by the large scooters popular today.Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV's geometric lines impart an architectural look in creating a shape that promises to wrap its occupants in safety and comfort.
With no center pillars, double opening doors (with rear door hinges located in the rear portion of the body) allow enhanced entry and exit.

Interior highlights

The instrument panel incorporates a new system wide-format screen stretching from driver's seat to passenger's seat that can display speedometer and fuel readings, on-board navigation and climate control information, entertainment functions and rear/side view mirror images all at the same time.

The center console houses a computer touch pad-like interface in a simple configurationto give the driver easy,ergonomic access to climate and audio controls.

The seats use a simple, ultra-slim design to emphasize their light weight. The front passenger seatback and rear seatbacks fold flat and together with the double opening doors and split-tailgate significantly enhance Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV's load carrying ability.

Hybrid powertrain system

Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV is the first vehicle to apply a hybrid drive system to the Mitsubishi Motors' MIEV next-generation electric vehicle concept that utilizes in-wheel motors and high energy-density lithium-ion batteries as core technologies. Features include:
A series-parallel hybrid drive system that delivers higher power and an extended cruising range.
A new 1.0-liter 3-cylinder MIVEC[3] engine (generator) that produces a maximum of 50 kW (68 ps).
A lithium-ion battery system with a 50 kW maximum output housed under the rear seats and under the front hood.

Outer rotor type in-wheel motors, developed first for Lancer Evolution MIEV, are fitted to all four wheels, producing a maximum power of 20kW each. The system allows drive power and braking to be independently regulated with high precision at each wheel and thereby capitalize on Mitsubishi Motors' hallmark all-wheel control technology and know-how to a maximum advantage. The result is a high-performance hybrid vehicle that delivers not only highlevels of environmental performance, but also power and driving performance superior to that in conventional gasoline vehicles.