2005 Mitsuoka Orochi Nude Top Concept review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 3 March 2006 , 11:03:23 byEmil

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Mitsuoka Orochi Nude Top Concept

The Orochi Nude Top Roadster is a newly design proposal and there are tons of reasons to select a car like this. Some of them refer to the driving performance, environmental performance, new technologies and last but not least design. The demand is very big and everyone has been working very hard together with an unwavering purpose in order to realize commercialization of this car. Customers will have to wait a bit longer. More details will be available on October 19th, when the company president will attend a press conference. He will offer information regarding the development of the new Orochi and different other specifications.

The "Orochi Nude Top Roadstar" is a new design proposal that expands the frame of the conventional "Orochi". There are many reasons for loving and for selecting a car. These include specifications, driving performance, environmental performance, new technologies and how well the vehicle matches your lifestyle. However, one other key reason is "design".
Isn`t it fair to say that "design" is one of the simplest and easiest to understand reasons? Some designs just seem cool and leave a powerful impression. These designs move your spirit and sensibilities in a way that can only be described as "love at first sight".

Our design approach is to vividly and directly appeal to one`s sight, spirit and sensitivity. The "Orochi Nude Top Roadster" exemplifies how this new approach is taking form. We applied a more open design and gull-wing doors to the previous road-version prototype "Orochi". The name "nude top"
is well suited for this beautiful and stylish design.

We even went so far as to not attach any side mirrors in order to create a daring design that would bring forth this new "Orochi". We hope that you will take a
close look at this unique design.

* Other detailed specifications are still undetermined as this is a design study car
* The type of engine, transmission and other components have yet to be determined.

Commercial Vehicle - "Orochi"

We have redone the chassis and body panels for the commercial "Orochi" currently being developed and various other preparations are being made for the start of testing.

We have had many inquiries from customers eagerly awaiting the new "Orochi". All of our employees have been working hard together with an unwavering purpose in order to realize commercialization of this car. We would like to ask these loyal customers to wait just a little bit longer.

Our company president Akio Mitsuoka will be attending our press conference scheduled for October
19 (from 3:55 p.m.). He will provide more details on the progress in developing the new "Orochi", as well as some of the specifications that will have been determined by that time. In the meantime, we sincerely hope that you will stop by the Mitsuoka Motor`s booth at the Tokyo Motor show.