2005 Nissan Note inspired by Adidas review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 6 July 2006 , 09:07:58 byEmil

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Nissan Note inspired by Adidas

Sponsored by Adidas, the Note concept is based on Nissan?s new small family car for Japan. The ?interesting? bit is a range of interchangable interior and exterior materials inspired by various sporting equipment, including net storage in the dash, a glovebox opened with a zip, a removable storage container in the centre console and even the surface treatment of the car?s bumpers

The idea has been to take trainer design elements and apply them to the standard compact Note, most obvious is the ribbed sole that wraps up into the fenders and runs along the rocker at the side. Other elements include: Lycra stretched over the upper fender and grille area, a strap as an exterior tailgate pull, a tongue-like loose fabric cover to the IP, and striped seat and door casing covers. These and the colour concept of warm grey and powder blue with white detailing, and light orange illuminated highlights, very clearly give the car the feel of an (Adidas) trainer.

This concept ? correctly titled ?Note inspired by Adidas? ? has an immediate appeal very different to that of the standard Note, and has been well executed. But, with the exception of a removable soft bag integrated between the front seats, it is rather superficial, failing to delver much beyond the application of trainer design elements on a car.