2007 Strosek Nissan 350Z review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 31 August 2006 , 06:08:15 byEmil

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Strosek Nissan 350Z

What began as a development project for Nissan at the start of the nineties--the Strosek 300Z was the result of this cooperation--we have now extended with the Strosek 350Z.

The Nissan 350Z naturally has a clear, reduced design with a crisp, sporty appearance. It was a very special challenge for us to not only retain these attributes but to also reinforce them with a pure, highly functional aerodynamics program.

The Strosek 350Z is a truly super sports car which immediately appeals with its futuristic form. The concept works just as well on the race track as on the road thanks to the aerodynamics optimized in the wind tunnel. Through the clearly structured design elements, the vehicle has the character of a high class architecture and at the same time the powerful dymanics of an extreme sportsman.