2000 Opel Speedster 2000 review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 31 March 2006 , 04:03:01 byEmil

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Opel Speedster 2000

The 70th Geneva International Motor Show 2000 hosted the world premiere of the Opel Speedster 2000, a car model that embodies the essence of pure driving excitement. The performance figures of this vehicle are quite impressive as the 2.2-liter, aluminum ECOTEC engine delivers an output of 147 HP, a maximum speed of 220 km/h and a 0-100 km/h sprint covered in less than six seconds. Low weight combined with high performance is the essence of the Speedster's powertrain. The pure expression of the Speedster's sporting prowess is enhanced by the technical and clean styling of the composite body. Dr. Doris Bernhardt, the person who headed the Speedster project in Germany, stated that the Speedster reflected the natural conclusion of their philosophy of creating an unadulterated sports car that provided a more dynamic drive, unburdened by conveniences, such as air conditioning, power steering, central locking or seat warmers. The striking features of this car include large air intake ducts behind the doors, together with sculpted, three-dimensional headlamps and tail lights. The uncompromisingly sporty character is also obvious in the interior of the car which ensures great comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. The visible aluminum chassis seems to be the dominant feature, while driving excitement is accentuated by LCD displays. The available colors for the optional leather interior are black, blue, beige or red. In spite of the car's low weight, exceptionally high torsional rigidity is guaranteed by the Speedster's blonded aluminum chassis. Wheel control is optimized through compliance tuning and advanced geometry, resulting in maximized handling and grip performance. Complying with the future Euro IV emissions standard, the Speedster's fuel consumption is around eight liters per 100km, according to the MVEG standard. Its production is planned to begin at the Hethel plant.