2005 Scion Five Axis xA Speedster review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 10 March 2006 , 12:03:48 byEmil

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Scion Five Axis xA Speedster

Five-Axis received a lot of awards because of their projects regarding Scion vehicles, the xB DJ and tC Widebody. The company also had a lot to do with the makeover of the xA Speedster. The show car features three interlinked Xbox 360 game consoles and a huge screen on the underside of the hood. The roof was completely removed and so was the side glass. The specialists of Five-Axis had a lot of work to do and did it right. The new model features wireless control pads, racing wheel, DVD multimedia AV navigation receiver, AEM cold air intake, a DC Sports header, custom engine cover, offered by the tuner and also custom exhaust system and finisher. Some appreciate the work, some do not really think is very good, but one thing in clear, the engineers did their best and managed to finish all their projects and this is something not a lot can do.

Five Axis has made headlines with its last two award-winning Scion project vehicles - the xB DJ and tC Widebody. This year the company completed its makeover of the Scion family with the xA Speedster.

This Five Axis show car features three interlinked Xbox 360 game consoles playing Forza Motorsport on a pair of 19-inch Samsung monitors behind the seats and a giant screen on the underside of the hood fed by a Casio XJ-560 projector.

The xA Speedster also has the trade mark Five Axis widebody treatment, as well as the complete removal of the roof and side glass and see-through body sides on the doors.

While some may argue that wild show cars like the xA Speedster are silly or even a waste of time, we can't but help but be impressed by the work of Five Axis year in and year out.

Five Axis 6-inch custom widebody conversion
House of Colors Persimmon Pearl paint
Rays Engineering G-games 99B wheels 19 x 9.5-inch front +22 offset, 19 x 10.5-inch rear +22 offset

Five Axis designed and installed gaming/audio system
Xbox 360 gaming consoles
19-inch Samsung LCD monitors
Casio XJ-560 video projector
MadCatz MicroCON wireless control pads
MadCatz MC2 racing wheel
Pioneer HTP-2600 5.1 Dolby Digital surround system
Pioneer AVIC-D1 with DVD multimedia AV navigation receiver

AEM cold air intake
DC Sports header
Five Axis custom engine cover
Five Axis custom exhaust system and finisher