2005 Seat Leon Cupra R review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 10 March 2006 , 12:03:55 byEmil

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Seat Leon Cupra R

Seat was encouraged by the success the 210 horsepower Leon Cupra R had and developed a more powerful version featuring a 1.8-liter engine that is able to produce 225 BHP. The new model can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 7 seconds and can reach a top speed of 150 mph. As the secret of the Leon Cupra R was the incredible chassis, the new version features an "Agile Chassis" with Dynamic Steering Response. Also it is equipped with a good brake system, four-pot calipers and 323 x 28 mm ventilated disks. When it comes to the color, the passenger compartment of the new Leon Cupra R is black, making it more elegant. Thanks to the Emergency Brake Assistance and to all the airbags and safety belts, you can trust it. Actually, this is the third high performance production vehicle built by Seat Sport since 2000, when Seat started creating high performance cars.

Following the sales success of the 210 hp Leon Cupra R, Seat is upping the ante with a new and even more potent 225 bhp version of the model. The latest Leon Cupra R is powered by a new version of 1.8 20VT engine delivering 15 bhp more than the model it replaces. It makes the new Leon Cupra R the sportiest, fastest and most powerful production model in the history of Seat.

Seat launched the 210 bhp Leon Cupra R in April 2002 with a first year sales forecast of 850 units. By the end of 2002, however, Seat Sport had had to increase its production capacity to satisfy demand and had built more than 1,550 examples with firm orders for another 500. These figures show an 84 per cent increase over the initial forecast, demonstrating a strong acceptance of Seat's high performance products.

Now with a power output of 225 bhp, the new Leon Cupra R has a top speed in excess of 150 mph and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in under 7 seconds: exceptional performance that places it at the very top of the Seat range.

Despite the increase in power, the intensive work carried out by Seat Sport and the Seat Technical Centre when originally developing the Leon Cupra R chassis has meant no further modifications to the suspension settings have been necessary. Indeed, the only mechanical changes have been redesigned wheel hub bearings.

Key to the success of the Leon Cupra R has been its remarkable chassis that provides high levels of traction, stability and braking ability under all conditions. As with its predecessor, the new Leon Cupra R features Seat's "Agile Chassis" with Dynamic Steering Response (DSR). The modifications made to create the agile chassis ensure the model reacts even more quickly to driver input.

The new Cupra R is equipped as standard with a Brembo brake system with red, four-pot callipers and 323 x 28 mm ventilated discs.

The model's unmistakably dramatic looks are reflected in its compact lines, sporting suspension, large air intakes and large wheels, which feature 225/40 tires on spectacular 18 inch alloy rims. Further exclusive finishing touches on the body also contribute to the undeniably sporty character of the new Leon Cupra R.

The color black predominates in the passenger compartment of the new Leon Cupra R, giving the model an elegant sobriety. The only concessions to color can be found on the white instrument panel dials, the steel colored pedals and footrest, the red gear pattern on the gearknob and on the red stitched "R" on the front Seat backrests.

A sporting vehicle also has to be a safe vehicle. The new Leon Cupra R includes ESP as standard with EBA (Emergency Brake Assistance), a braking aid that operates automatically in an emergency greatly enhancing braking ability. Also standard are front driver and passenger airbags, side airbags and safety belts with pyrotechnic pretensioners.

Jointly manufactured by the Seat factory in Martorell, Spain, and at Seat Sport facilities, the Leon Cupra R is imbued with competition experience accumulated by Seat Sport, the company behind the Leon Supercopa events in Spain and this year its first season in the UK.

Following the Ibiza Cupra R (Birmingham 2000), and the first Leon Cupra R (Barcelona 2001), this is the third high performance production vehicle manufactured by Seat Sport since 2000, when the division started developing and producing Seat's most exclusive, high performance cars.