2005 Suzuki Blizzard Grand Vitara Concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 2 May 2006 , 10:05:05 byEmil

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Suzuki Blizzard Grand Vitara Concept

In addition to Suzuki's full-line of vehicles on display at the show, Suzuki showcases for the first time two concept, or "lifestyle activity vehicles." With the monikers "Blizzard" and "Sea," the eye-catching vehicles embody Suzuki's new "Way of Life" brand campaign - products designed for life enthusiasts.

"Now that the all-new Grand Vitara is arriving in showrooms, Suzuki expects to draw even more first-time Suzuki customers into dealerships, further increasing the company's growth in the U.S. market," said Koichi Suzuki, president of ASMC Automotive Operations. "With innovative new models and the commitment of America's #1 Warranty, American Suzuki rolls into auto show season poised for an impressive 2006 campaign."

Year-to-date sales of Suzuki cars and SUVs in the United States through September 2005 are up 11 percent over the same period last year. Exceeding consumer expectations for toughness, leading-edge styling and high-end features at prices well below the competition are the stand-out virtues the entire line demonstrates.

All 2006 Suzuki vehicles come in one highly equipped trim level, offering significant features and amenities for the money. Rather than selecting between the traditional base, mid- and high-end trim levels, buyers now have the option of selecting from various option packages to fit their needs. All Suzuki vehicles come with America's #1 Warranty, the industry-leading 100,000-mile, seven-year, fully transferable, zero-deductible powertrain limited warranty.

"Suzuki LIVE Series" Concept Vehicles To explore the viability of alternative accessory packages for consumers, Suzuki has developed four "Suzuki LIVE Series" vehicles to illustrate how its products play an integral part of consumers' lifestyles. The vehicles coined "Blizzard," for snow sport enthusiasts; "Sea," for active surfers; "Dune," for sand sports, including quad racers, dirt bikes and off-roading; and "Wave" for lake sports aficionados; will all be on display at various auto shows and events around the country over the next six months. The California International Auto Show displays the "Blizzard" and "Sea" concept vehicles.

"Blizzard" Grand Vitara
Making its auto show debut, the "Blizzard" Grand Vitara is designed to fulfill the needs of people with active lifestyles focused on snow sports.

Some of the "Blizzard" Grand Vitara features include:
2.7-liter turbo charged Suzuki engine
Custom rack system with backlit board mounts
Roof rack camera for snow equipment
Studded snow tires (on vehicle or spare)
Lot lift (rear gate, chair lift style seat for taking gear on and off)
Built-in glove and boot warmers
Internet access to check snow conditions
Interior color/materials scheme from snowboard equipment
Ventilated wet gear storage (located in back cargo area)
Dockable iPod™ station in rear area
In-car video and gaming system "Sea" Forenza Wagon
To meet the likes and needs of surf sport adventure seekers, the latest vehicle coined "Sea" is designed to appeal to those who live a good portion of their life in the water. Some of the "Sea" Forenza Wagon features include:
Spacious storage in the cargo area, including a wetsuit dryer
Custom roof storage rack for surfboards (including large sunroof)
New large wheels and tires - P205/40-17
Subtle exterior modifications (air intake, bumpers, hood, driving lights, etc.)
SmartPass™ Pro biometric technology for locking/unlocking doors
Shower (handheld wand) with ventilated wet gear storage and small gear compartments
Rear quarter windowless panes
Custom interior materials to match look and feel of recreational gear
Real time Internet access - for the latest of surf conditions
New audio system with iPod™ compatibility and rear subwoofer