2006 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI Exclusive Edition review and pictures

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Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI Exclusive Edition

In less than three years, 250,000 drivers decided on a Touareg. The luxury SUV added to the company's history of success stories. Against this backdrop of success, Volkswagen Individual - the specialist for high end vehicle tuning, unique cars and innovative compact series, like the Golf R32 and the Cross Polo - developed the Touareg Exclusive Edition limited to 999 cars.

Standard accessories such as a silver roof railing, two oval end pipes of the exhaust system and high end features for example decor inlays in piano lacquer or dual colored Nappa seats underline the vanguard noble character of the Touareg. Every model of the Touareg Exclusive Edition comes with a certificate including the limited edition serial number. This serial number is also imprinted in the aluminum door entry ledger. The Touareg Exclusive Edition is offered with a performance spectrum ranging from 128kW / 174 hp to 230kW / 313 hp. As of now it can be ordered worldwide.

Exterior in detail

In the rear area the Touareg Exclusive can be recognized, among other things, by its chrome plated end pipes, the silver roof railing on the sides and it thereby puts itself effectively in the spotlight.

The dynamic as well as elegant exterior of the Touareg Exclusive Edition is primarily distinguished by the so called design package. It was created by Volkswagen Individual. It is composed of modified bumpers, wider door sill ledgers, an exhaust system with two chrome plated and oval end pipes (located on the left and right) and of a roof spoiler as an aerodynamic air flow separator painted in the body color. All details of the design package blend harmoniously into the athletic appearance of the Touareg. The same goes for the Titanium colored 19" alloy wheels type "Siena", with the double spoke look as well as the corresponding silver colored roof railing. The rims are equipped with 275/45 R19 tires. Furthermore, the series includes tinted and up to 65% light absorbing rear windows.

"Black" and "Pearl blue" are available as single body color as well as the metallic or rather pearl-effect colors "Black Magic", "Reflex Silver" and "Shadow Blue".

Interior in detail

Piano lacquer applications and dual color leather in „Snow Beige" and „Charcoal" create a unique ambiance

An exceptionally stylish ambiance distinguishes the individualized interior of the Touareg Exclusive. A few examples: The applications of the instrument board, the surface of the upper side of the middle console and door paneling are in black piano lacquer. Optically in unison: the dual colored nappa leather equipment. The middle part of the seats as well as part of the sides and door paneling are held in the light "Snow Beige", all other leather details such as head and arm rests and parts of the seat sides and seat backs provide are contrasted with a dark "Charcoal". The charcoal colored areas of the seats are framed with a rand in "Snow Beige".

The already mentioned aluminum door entry ledgers, marked with serial number (#001/999) and a ski-sack further enhance the already good equipment spectrum of the Touareg Exclusive Edition.

Engines in detail

Five engines available for the limited edition, with a performance spectrum ranging from 128kW to 230kW

The engine spectrum of the Touareg Exclusive Edition includes five performance levels (three diesel, two gas fuel). The entry level is a five cylinder TDI with 128 kW / 174 hp. Following as the next strongest TDI is a V6, with 165 kW / 225 hp. With 230 kW / 313 hp the V10 TDI enjoys a worldwide unique status. All three turbo diesel engines come standard with a diesel-particle filter. New in the Touareg program is the V6 gas fuel direct fuel injection (FSI), which has a performance of 206 kW / 280 hp. The strongest gas fuel engine of the limited special series is a V8 with 228 kW / 310 hp. The V10 as well as the gas fuel engines come standard in combination with a six gear automatic transmission; for the TDIs with 128 kW and 165 kW an optional automatic transmission is available.

The Touareg versions from Volkswagen Individual in detail

The spectrum ranges from individual features like the dual colored leather equipment to all-complete vehicles such as the Touareg Expedition for great adventures

Volkswagen Individual offers the Touareg in various versions of different concepts. The variety ranges from individual equipment features to a twelve cylinder model or a version especially equipped for expeditions. An overview of the Touareg program from Volkswagen Individual:

Touareg individualization options: This step of the individualization program offers various exterior and interior features for the Touareg. In the first step, the customer decides on a specific engine version and the classic special equipment from Volkswagen. Next to that, the configuration of the car can be complemented with decor inlays, leather equipment, wheels, steering wheel, multi-media system, TV reception, bicycle rack (inside the vehicle), door entry ledger, and design packages. Each of these details is individually available.

The Touareg Individual: The program of the independently conceptualized complete models, based on the successful off road specialist, starts with the Touareg Individual. With wooden inlays in the "Makassar" decor, dual colored nappa leather equipment and corresponding textile foot mats it satisfies the highest standards. Also on board: Door entry ledges in chrome design. As is usual for the V8 and V10 TDI, chrome ledges adorn the radiator grill, the side window frames and step tread of the rear bumper. Just like the Touareg Individual, the Touareg Exclusive Edition has 19" alloy wheels (type "Siena"). Furthermore, the exterior equipment has a roof rack and a chrome step tread on the rear bumper.

The Touareg Expedition: The Touareg Expedition was developed for globetrotters and in regards to the vehicles attributes this term can be taken literally. Among other things the Touareg Expedition includes specific off road features like the improved off road chassis with 25 millimeters more ground clearance as well as an aluminum underbody protection for engine, transmission, tank and differential. A robust roof rack basket with two additional head lights is also part of the standard equipment suited for adventure. Optional are furthermore (for example) a rope winch with 3,600 kilo traction force and 30 meters rope length, a huge auto roof tent with aluminum folding table, an awning, a special alloy box and spare gas tank. Available on the engine side are the well known five and six cylinder engines.

The Touareg W12 Sport Edition and Executive: The only off-road vehicle in Europe with twelve cylinders was also conceptualized by Volkswagen Individual. And that in two versions: Touareg W12 Sport Edition and Touareg Executive: powered by the compact 6.0 liter twelve cylinder in unique W configuration, the 331 kW / 450 hp strong off-road SUV sprints from zero to 100 km/h in only 5.9 seconds. Their maximum speed is limited electronically at 250 km/h. The optically elegantly conceptualized Touareg W12 Executive distinguishes itself through maximum comfort, which is reflected for example in the selected exclusive leather "Rodeo" and a poplar wood grain decor. The Touareg W12 appears sporty through and through. It is delivered with 20" alloy wheels in the "Casablanca" design (Executive: 19"), re-designed front and rear apron as well side sills and broadened wheel archs designed to match. Other specific interior details are sport seats in charcoal colored nappa leather as well as the aluminum decor "Micropoint". Apart from that, a unique full feature equipment distinguishes both W12 versions.