2007 Volvo S60 T5 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 31 August 2006 , 13:08:29 byEmil

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Volvo S60 T5

Volvo S60 became even sportier than its previous model in 2007. Gerry Keaney, the Senior Vice President of Volvo said that they rethought every aspect of the original car in this purpose, because they wanted to increase the driving experience as much as they could. Volvo S60 T5 came in three new colors: Maple Red, Electric Silver and Orinoco Blue. It has some truly sporty improvements and upgrades, such as integrated side indicators in door mirrors, Nodus aluminum wheels of 7x16 inches. Customer can choose also from other two models of wheels: Eudora of 8x18 inches and Tucana, a little smaller, that have 7.5x17 inches. Other features of the Volvo S60 T5 are: Grid Aluminium metal decor panels, air intake controls on the column stalks, sports steering wheel in perforated leather coming optionally and a sporty leather upholstery option.

The Volvo S60 is being further refined, with the sights firmly set on sharpening the sedan model?s already sporty profile.

?We?re making the S60 even sportier in every respect,? says Gerry Keaney, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service ?We?ve both spiced up the design and fine-tuned the chassis to create a car with even greater driving appeal.?

When it comes to design, the front spoiler (option) has been redesigned to get a more pronounced and protruding contour at the bottom. On optional variants the entire front spoiler, including the sills and rear lower bumper, are colour coordinated with the car body. The boot lid can also be specified with a sporty new wing spoiler.

The 2007 model also gets a new grille with a larger and more pronounced Volvo emblem in the form of the classic but rejuvenated iron symbol.

The door mirrors feature integrated side indicators. At the same time, a practical new indicator function is being introduced: Press lightly on the lever and the indicator flashes three times.

Three new exterior colours ? Electric Silver, Orinoco Blue and Maple Red ? give increased freedom of choice, as do the three new aluminium wheels ? Nodus (7x16 inches), Tucana (7.5x17 inches) and Eudora (8x18 inches).

Sportier interior with metal decor trim and twin-tone leather upholstery

The interior has a number of new features, including new Grid Aluminium metal decor panels. These panels are optional and have been designed to create a more three-dimensional impression and tactile feeling. On the column stalks, the air intake controls and the steering wheel, aluminium bright work has been added. The bright work is also included on the new three-spoke sports steering wheel in perforated leather (option).
To further enhance the sporty tone, the instrument panel can be optionally specified with the same type of watch-like instruments introduced in the new Volvo S80 and that were previously the exclusive preserve of Volvo?s sportiest model, the S60 R. Another new option is the interior rear-view mirror with built-in compass.

The range of upholstery has been renewed with a sporty leather upholstery option in two contrasting shades and textures topped with contrasting stitching.

Increased driving pleasure with advanced chassis

In order to highlight the car?s sporty nature out on the road, the standard chassis has been further developed in a number of areas. Firmer shock absorbers and springs front and rear increase the car?s torsional rigidity by about 25 percent. The anti-roll bars are also sturdier than before and the bushes are solid, which together promote a harmonious balance between reassuring road manners and supple ride comfort.

?The further-developed chassis makes the S60 even sportier and more enjoyable to drive without compromising on comfort,? says Gerry Keaney.

Active Bi-Xenon Light ? turning headlights
The Volvo S60 can also optionally be equipped with Active Bi-Xenon Light ? the moving headlight beams that follow the curve of the road. A mini-processor is used to measure and analyse a number of parameters and optimise the beam pattern accordingly. The headlight beams can be turned up to 15 degrees in either direction, and can thus illuminate a longer stretch of road even in curves.