2007 Volvo S80 Executive review and pictures

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Volvo S80 Executive

Time had come for Volvo to tell us more about its Volvo S89 Executive Edition. The model is perfect for customers who want elegance and refinement and also contemporary engineering. The exterior transformed it into an exclusive car and the seven alternative exterior colors used were selected in a very careful way for a more powerful visual impact. The seats and the elegant door panels covered in soft Executive leather contribute to the first-class feeling it offers when getting in the passenger compartment. The model is powered by a very strong V8 engine, but also a new 6-cylinder in-line engine and the D5 diesel engines as well. All the ones mentioned above are very compact and transversely fitted into the engine compartment to give all the safety the owner needs and a lot of space for the passengers. The carmaker could not have found a better driveline that the powerful one he did.

The all new Volvo S80, which was introduced in late January, will also be launched during the year as a prestigious Executive model. Unique details and a very rich content are indications of the ambition of Volvo Cars to reinforce its position in the prestige segment.
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Volvo Volvo S80 Executive Edition

The all new Volvo S80 is the most exclusive Volvo sedan model to date. The Executive model represents a very competitive alternative for customers who value refined, Scandinavian elegance in combination with contemporary engineering - and who are looking for that little extra to enhance the experience. They are car purchasers with strict demands for a sober design, sophisticated comfort and intelligently designed functions and details.

"It is our aim that the Executive customers will appreciate the extra thought," says Karin Falk, President Special Vehicles at Volvo Cars. "We really have made an effort to strike the right balance between attractiveness and functionality in order to provide a high-class experience that satisfies all the senses."

Exclusive exterior with unique parts

The Executive badge is a discreet indication that this is an S80 beyond the norm. Among the exterior details that give the all new Volvo S80 Executive a more exclusive character are the uniquely coloured grille and the chrome sections on the air intake and around the fog-lights. Even the lower door mouldings and rear lights have chrome trim.

Four of the seven alternative exterior colours are so-called pearl finishes with a very elegant lustre. The exclusive, turbine-like eighteen-inch Balius wheel is an option and adds yet another dimension to the feeling of exclusivity.

First-class passenger compartment with leather and wood

Ergonomic seats and elegant door panels clad in soft Executive leather in four optional colour combinations and with Classic cut contribute to the distinct first-class feeling in the passenger compartment. The combinations have been selected to provide an exclusive contrast. The walnut panels are standard and cover the whole of the centre console and the rear part of the tunnel console.

Specially designed, extra thick carpets reinforce the sober impression. The opportunity to install a fridge in the rear seat, combined with storage space for glasses, also contributes to the enhanced feeling of luxury and comfort.

As an option, there is an advanced entertainment system for rear seat passengers (Rear Seat Entertainment - RSE). An integrated DVD player, 7-inch screens built into the head restraints, wireless headphones and a remote control are included in the system. An extra socket makes it possible to connect a further DVD player, a computer game or a video camera. The two 7-inch screens can be used independently of each other.

Powerful driveline

The engine range for the Executive model includes the powerful V8 engine as well as Volvo's new six-cylinder in-line engine and the latest generation of D5 diesel engines. A highly attractive range of powerful, energy-efficient engines. All are extremely compact and transversely mounted in the engine compartment for optimum safety and a spacious passenger compartment.