1993 BMW M5 E34 review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 , 09:10:49 byEmil

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BMW M5 E34

Have you ever heard people praising old car models? They have a certain affinity for the old times and for the vehicles the carmakers were building back then. It’s probably for them this new price of the BMW old M models. It’s a price which continues to scale to some levels which I think many criticize. For instance, the 1993 M5 E34 can be purchased for the price of $95,000 and I’ve recently read an article which said it’s a ridiculously high price. Indeed, this price is $1,400 more than what BMW commands for a new 2015 M5 F10 sedan, which delivers 560HP. It’s a powerful car which has a great exterior design and still, it’s cheaper than the old stuff. How do you explain this? If we consider the fact those times have vanished without any possibilities of coming back, we can relate to the tight connection which is made between the past times and the old model. Those times aren’t coming back so one of the things remaining to transport you back into the past is an old model. And what can be more valuable than an old vehicle which would take the lead to recreate the atmosphere of the past lives? The exterior design of the vehicle looks fine and if I could compare it with anything I would say it looks like the car a dandy would drive. Although, in matters of popularity, it seems the car comes as forth after the M1 supercar, the M3 E30 and the 1998 – 2003 M5 E39. It’s not a special edition and still, the price apparently says something else. If you’re wondering for how many kilometers this car’s odometer shows, well it reads 15,770 km (or 9,801 miles). You should take into consideration you don’t have many chances to find another vehicle which such low mileage. Check out the pictures and see for yourself how the car can inspire you with a story from the old times. And if you want to experience this sensation live, you should be ready to empty your pockets; of course, after checking the technical parts too.

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