2003 Abt AS8 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 22 January 2007 , 05:01:28 byAlina

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Abt AS8

The new Abt AS8 with a lot of improvements has a V8 supercharged engine and quattro four-wheel drive which proides an excellent starting point. The car has 335 hp (246 kW) but for the Abt Sportsline this power is not enough. For this reason they installed the
Abt supercharger kit and in this way the power unit delivers 450 bhp (331 kW) and lets the AS8 reach 174 mph (280 kph). Also the kit also includes a sensor-operated and water-cooled intercooler as well as exhaust temperature control. For the fuel supply ,injection systems and air intake was made other modifications.

The car has been equipped with 19-inch sports wheels and ContiSportContact-tyres in order to get the power of the Abt AS8 on the road in an effective and safe way. They work in tandem with the Abt sports brake system, specially designed for the highest requirements.

Developed in house, the Abt Level-Control (ALC), presents optimal comfort with lowered bodywork. When standing, the car is much lower than the regular production version. While driving, the bodywork is higher to achieve optimal driving dynamics. With a manual selector, the driver also has the possibility of individually adjusting the amount of lowering and adapt it to his or her driving style.

Abt Sportsline is also improved the styling of the A8 with front spoiler edges and a discreet spoiler on the rear of the car. Also at the rear, the Abt exhaust silencer with its four pipes also bears the signature of the company.

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