2006 Lumma Design E63 CLR 600 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 4 December 2006 , 08:12:28 byEmil

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Lumma Design E63 CLR 600

The BMW M6 received different exterior enhancements, but the interior was also modified. The model runs on 20-inch Lumma Design wheels and it also features a sport suspension, Brembo brake system and a sport muffler. The top speed is limited to 155 mph.

Lumma Design offers a variety of exterior enhancements for the BMW M6. Carbon fiber comprises many of the parts, including the rear spoiler, roof screen, hood, and more. A carbon fiber interior optics kit is also available. The car is also fitted with 20" Lumma Design wheels as well as a sport suspension, Lumma Design/Brembo brake system, and a sport muffler. For those wanting to bypass the limited 155 mph top speed, Lumma also offers a chip upgrade to increase the maximum speed of the car.

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