2007 550 HP G-Power BMW M3 CSL V10 review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 1 September 2007 , 05:09:10 byAngela

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550 HP G-Power BMW M3 CSL V10

The 2007 550 HP G-Power BMW M3 CSL V10 is the result of fine tuning expertise in the field of motor design modifications. The revised V10 motor from G-POWER significantly improves driving performance with more than 500 HP and catapults to an acceleration of guaranteed 580 Nm. The BMW M3 CSL is a further exemplar for BMW series vehicles equipped with V10 motors, and it was presented by northern German refiners G-POWER. Despite the higher vehicle total weight of 1,550 kg, G-POWER managed to sink the power to weight ratio from 3,9 kg/hp to a superior 2,7 kg/hp. The 0-100 km/h sprint is covered in 4.2 seconds, which is less than the original 4.8 seconds. Even more important in reference to super sports cars, is the speed acceleration to 200 km/h. Furthermore, the V10 operation from G-POWER is available for the complete range of the BMW models and G-POWER is working on a bi-compressor kit for the V10 engine, aimed to set further milestones in the higher divisions of the distinguished BMW refinement segment. Relying on brute performance, G-POWER worked closely with suspension manufacturer KW automotive in order to compile an extensively tested suspension system, which perfectly adjusts to the car's power and is recommended for race track and road use as well. The new G-POWER SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel received a concave rim contour design specially developed for the latest BMW vehicle generation, satisfying the exacting safety requirements imposed by Bavarian manufacturers. The SILVERSTONE program is available in sizes 18 through 21 in widths from 8.5 to 10.5.

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