2007 JE Design Seat Leon Cupra review and pictures

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JE Design Seat Leon Cupra

The specialists from Je Design decided to offer a new program to the Seat Leon Cupra. The tuner created sporty front spoiler corners that are complete with additional air channels that provide the new model with more passing-lane prestige. The sides, the rear apron and the rear wing have all been modified so that the car can have more down force especially during high speeds. The model features a 2.0-liter T-FSI Motor that is now able to produce 285 horsepower and 385 Nm of torque. It can reach a top speed of 261 km/h and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. A further technical as well as optically pleasing configuration level of the CUPRA with over 300 horsepower in a wide body version is currently in preparation for a world exclusive presentation at the Seat Event that starts on the 24th Of August 2007 and will last until the 26th at the Technik Museum in Germany.

Following modifications for the newly launched Leon FR, JE DESIGN German Leingarten tuners, well-known refiners for SEAT, now resolve to take on the Spanish in the completion of the "CUPRA".

While the "old" Seat Leon Cupra R (Typ 1M) has differed through its sporty and independent front and rear aprons from the Leon-vesions with less power, the new "CUPRA" threatens the driver into danger of confusion.

The SEAT specialist JE DESIGN recognised this and offers help in form of an individualized grand entrance. Specially developed for the CUPRA from the Leingarten, Germany, based tuners, is a downforcer insert for the centre of the series-produced front apron and which at the same time minimizes buoyancy. The same function is fulfilled with a diffuser insert that is applied to the series-produced rear apron. More sportiness is procured through a new front grille minus Logo including grid insert. Headlight covers gives the Spanish car a serious glance.

Sporty front spoiler corners complete with additional air channels provide the JE DESIGNed Leon Cupra with more passing-lane prestige. The sides are optimised with a side sills set through JE DESIGN. The tuners create another attractive addition through the rear apron set. Last but not least a rear wing provides more downforce on the rear axle especially during higher speeds. Furthermore, a self-adhering JE DESIGN roof fin "Shark attack" is available in black matt.

For an extra charge, JE DESIGN laminates individual parts for example the radiator grill or mirror cover in Carbon-Look.

Pure Performance!

The core of modification is the performance increase of the 2.0 T-FSI Motor . Instead of just 177 kW (240 HP), it now renders an attention getting value of 210 kW (285 HP). The torque increases from 85 to 385 Nm. The change in motor management creates a better driving performance: 261 km/h top speed (series-produced: 247 km/h) and 5,9 seconds from 0 to 100 (series-produced: 6,4) placing pressure on many other sports cars. For that reason, JE DESIGN Leon CUPRA with its 250 km/h easily shakes off the electronic regular BMW M5 and Audi RS4. The power enhancement comes with TUV parts endorsement. Included in the price is a 1-year guarantee on motor, transmission and gearbox. On request for additional price is the possibility to add a further year of guarantee.

Whoever wants acustical improvement for their Leon Cupra, can order a 4-pipe end exhaust made of stainless steel with chromed end pipes additionally. This promises not only a sonor sound, but also optimises the motor performance through optimized exhaust flow.

JE DESIGN`s wheel expertise

Four wheel sets are provided for customer choice. A highpoint offered in 18 and 19-inch is the complete wheel set "Multispoke" in chrome-look with the sizes of 8.0 x 19 ET 45 with tires 225/35 R 19 Y.

Optionally, the complete wheel set "Multispoke" can be ordered in matt black with polished rim flange in dimensions 7.5 x 18" ET 45 or 8 x 19" ET 45.

The Leon Cupra of this press release - please take a look at the provided pictures (on CD) - rolls on wheel rims in sporty matt black with lacquered nearly complete white ring having a small gap tha includes the JE DESIGN logo.

JE DESIGN concerns itself that the Seat Leon power doesn`t toss itself from the street. For this reason, a sporty spring set brings the Leon Cupra approx. 30mm closer to the street, lowering the center of gravity for clearly improved handling and driving ability. Alternatively, the tuners offer a sportier driving performance through a coilover suspension that alters the fiery Spaniard providing a freedom from street between 35 and 65 mm.

A further technical as well as optically pleasing configuration level of the CUPRA with over 300 HP in a wide body version is currently in preparation for a world exclusive presentation at the SEAT Event from 24 - 26 August 2007 at the Technik Museum in Speyer, Germany.

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