2008 BMW M3 4.0L V8 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 22 March 2007 , 12:03:58 byAlina

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BMW M3 4.0L V8

The 2008 BMW M3 4.0L V8 is the epitome of ultimate driving pleasure and provides high performance thanks to its eight-cylinder unit which features more cylinders, larger capacity, more power as well as higher engine speed. Its displacement is of 3,999 cc and the maximum ouput is 309 kW/420 HP, while the peak torque reaches 400 Nm. BMW's previous 3.2-liter straight six was admired all over the world and was acknowledged several times as the "Engine of the Year" as it delivered a supreme 252 kW/343 HP in its last version, making the BMW M3 a genuine best seller. However, the new V8 engine meets the requirements of the most demanding engine designers through its dimensions, offering all the typical M-tuned features of BMW's regular production cars such as double-VANOS, individual throttle butterflies, and high-performance engine electronics. Another convincing sign of sporting power and performance is the fact that the new V8 exceeds the benchmark of 100 hp per litre. Acceleration and handling were important factors that influenced the dynamic driving experience, while the traction acting on the drive wheels results from engine torque and the overall transmission ratio. The M high-speed engine concept allows optimum transmission and final drive ratios further enhancing the impressive thrust and power of the engine. The cylinder crankcase was made of a special aluminium silicon alloy, while the conventional cylinder liners were replaced by hard silicon crystals. Variable double-VANOS camshaft management reduces charge losses and improves engine output torque and response, as well as fuel economy and emission management. Two volume-flow controlled pendulum slide cell pumps supply the eight-cylinder efficiently with lubricant, consistently delivering exactly the right amount for the engine, while a separate reflow pump extracts oil from the front oil sump and pumps it to the sump at the rear.
The ion flow technology is a special highlight in engine management and it detects any knocking in the engine as well as the risk of misfiring or miscombustion. Brake Energy Regeneration further enhances the efficiency of the new V8 power unit by charging the car's battery without tapping on engine power and, accordingly on the energy contained in the fuel burnt.

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