2008 Renault Clio Estate Preview review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 13 August 2007 , 02:08:33 byAngela

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Renault Clio Estate Preview

Renault will soon reveal the Clio Estate. The big event will take place at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. At a closer look you can see that its design is very much similar to the Clio Grand Tourer Concept. This last one was unveiled at the 2006 edition of the Geneva Motor Show. The carmaker focused a lot in offering customers a pleasant experience with the Clio Estate. So, created a perfect balance between sleek design with its angled rear screen and the space it has on the inside both for the passengers and the luggage compartment (439 liters). The Clio Estate is a compact vehicle measuring 4.2 meters in length. When it comes to driving pleasure, interior space, safety and comfort, this model is doing its best to be your perfect choice. We have no details yet on the price, but let us keep out fingers crossed until the world premier.

Clio Estate will receive its world premiere at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Its design echoes the staple lines of Clio Grand Tour Concept, which was unveiled at the last Geneva Motor Show. Clio Estate is firmly focused on leisure pursuits. It strikes a perfect balance between sleek design with its angled rear screen and spaciousness with the generous volumes of its luggage area (439 liters). At 4.2 metres in length it is a compact vehicle that builds on the strengths of Clio III in terms of driving pleasure, interior space, comfort, and safety.

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