2009 Seat Leon Twin Drive Ecomotive Prototype review and pictures

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Seat Leon Twin Drive Ecomotive Prototype

CO2 emissions of only 99 g/km
Efficient 105 hp 1.6 TDI common rail engine
New Auto Start/Stop function and braking energy recuperation

SEAT is taking confident strides in its efforts to reduce its cars’ emissions levels and fuel consumption figures. At the beginning of January the company published news of its Leon Twin Drive ECOMOTIVE electric car project slated for 2014, and at the Geneva Motor Show the Spanish brand is unveiling the new SEAT Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept.

This vehicle is part of SEAT’s strategy to manufacture vehicles that are environmentally friendly, which already has valuable examples in the ECOMOTIVE versions found on the Ibiza, Leon and Alhambra ranges. With CO2 emissions of only 98 g/km on the Ibiza ECOMOTIVE, only 99 g/km on the new Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept, and 159 g/km on the Alhambra, this line-up is the most ecological of their respective segments.

The new Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept includes several novelties compared to the version currently available across the dealership network. It is equipped with the new 105 hp 1.6 TDI engine with DPF particulate filter and common rail technology, which greatly contribute towards lowering the fuel consumption figures and emissions levels found on the model it is based on.

SEAT rose to the challenge successfully, and its prototype delivers emissions levels of only 99 g/km. This figure makes the Leon the most ecological compact car in its segment together with the VW Golf Bluemotion. A total of 20 g/km has been knocked off thanks to the addition of the new Auto Start/Stop system and the energy recuperation function, as well as the mentioned common rail Diesel engine.

Driving made ecological and economical

One of the main contributions made by the SEAT Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept is the new Auto Start/Stop function, which provides a fuel savings of up to 0.2 litres for every 100 kilometres of city driving without the driver having to take any additional measures.

When the driver stops the car at a red light, slips the gear in neutral and removes his foot from the clutch, the Start/Stop function automatically switches off the engine. The moment the driver steps on the clutch again, the engine turns on and driving can resume. The driver receives feedback at all times on the system from the instrument panel, which indicates when the system is activated and deactivated.

Furthermore, the Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept includes the energy recuperation system that harnesses the energy produced by the brake alternator. Fuel consumption gets reduced since the system lowers the time the engine is running.

Greatest driving pleasure and fuel economy

The Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept prototype is the most frugal SEAT car and the compact vehicle with the lowest emissions. Its average combined fuel consumption is 3.8 litres for every 100 km, which manages to fall beneath the always elusive 4 litre barrier. A fair amount of credit for this goes to the adaptations made to the five-speed manual gearbox.

However, the driver himself is ultimately responsible for the car’s fuel economy, since the instrument panel display recommends which gear to engage depending on driving conditions, and this function likewise provides greater driving comfort.

Sports minded

When referring to SEAT’s ECOMOTIVE range, we do not only mean vehicles that respect the environment, but cars that feature surprisingly low fuel consumption figures and emissions levels and maintain the identity traits the company applies to all its models.

Innovative design, trim quality and sportiness run completely through the Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept, which likewise carries the new looks that characterise the 2009 version of the model showcased in Geneva.

The same as on the Leon ECOMOTIVE, SEAT’s new prototype is shod with special low friction tyres that minimise road resistance. All of these changes result in incredible performance figures of concepts such as top speed, in-gear acceleration or 0 to 100 km/h acceleration.

The interior is exactly identical to the current Leon ECOMOTIVE version, featuring standard equipment such as ESP, ABS and TCS, double front airbag, front side airbags, curtain airbag, 16 inch steel rims, Isofix anchoring points, front power one-touch anti-trap windows, body colour electric heated door mirrors, air conditioning, MP3 CD radio, aux-in connection and six speakers, among others.

With the SEAT Leon ECOMOTIVE Concept, the Spanish company takes another step forward in its commitment to environmental sustainability. This will be fully appreciated with the arrival of the Twin Drive concept, which combines the advantages and efficiency of electric power and the traditional combustion engine.

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