2010 Audi A1 (Video) review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 , 07:02:24 byAngela

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Audi A1 (Video)

German carmaker Audi is introducing a new model in the compact class this summer. To be more precise, we are talking about the A1. Its agile chassis and powerful engines make it the sportiest car in the segment. Clients can customize their interior with different details. Its infotainment system sets new standards in the segment. The A1 is great fun to drive anywhere thanks to its sporty setup, the optimized weight distribution and the very direct steering. The standard ESP stabilization system with electronic axle-differential lock makes the handling of the A1 even more sporty and precise, while driving safety is increased even further. The carmaker offers four 4-cylinder engines, with two TDI and two TFSI gasoline engines producing between 86 horsepower and 122 horsepower. All engines are equipped with a recuperation system that allows them to recover energy during braking and are coupled with an automatic start-stop system. The design of the A1 is integrated into the design language of the brand and it is unique in the compact segment being emotional, bold and progressive. The A1 looks determined and concentrated to the road. A very strong curved wing structures the interior of the headlights. Another Audi feature is the sportily roof arch, which is optionally available in one of four contrasting colors. The carmaker offers ten exterior colors for its new A1. The luggage compartment if the model has plane walls, the loading edge is low for easy loading and unloading. But Audi does not compromise quality in the luggage compartment. The latch unlocks electronically, including via the remote key fob. All of the engines employ direct fuel injection and turbo-charging. All power is being sent to the wheels through a 7-speed S Tronic. The equipment, data and prices specified here refer to the model range offered in Germany.

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