2010 Hyundai RB concept review and pictures

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Hyundai RB concept

Hyundai RB concept, the new concept car from Hyundai is a sedan and it will be introduced at 2010 Moscow International Motor Shows. The RB concept is more oriented on the performance side,even so the design of the car is amazing and inspires trust,safety and power. The concept will be powered by a Gamma engine,the 1.6 litre one or the 1.4 litre,both engines have four cylinders,multiport fuel injection and they run on gasoline. The 1.6 litre engine delivers 124ps and 156 Nm while the 1.4 engine delivers only 107ps and 135Nm. The new generation of Gamma engines are very economical and ecological too. There are two transmission types available,the four-speed automatic transmission and the standard five-speed manual version.

Concept RB
Hyundai Motor Company introduced a new sub-compact family sedan concept RB at the 2010 Moscow International Motor Show (MIMS). The RB projects a coupe-like dynamic styling that is sculpted, stately and performance-oriented.

With elegant lines that resemble a calligrapher's "orchid strokes," the concept RB continues Hyundai Motor's 'fluidic sculpture' design philosophy that injects sophistication and dynamic angles into the shape of a vehicle. Like any timeless work of art, the fluidic essence that characterizes molding design of Hyundai's latest models is inspired by nature, realizing the harmonic coexistence of all things created.

The strong design hints of the production version are highlighted in concept RB's large hexagonal front grill, headlamps and "L"-shaped fog lamps that give luxurious and exquisite looks.

When the production sub-compact sedan arrives in Russia, it will be powered by the modern Gamma engine, 1.6L or 1.4L DOHC in-line four cylinder gasoline engine that features multiport fuel injection with CVVT (Continuously Variable Valve Timing). By replacing the old Alpha engine with Gamma, the sedan promises more power and torque, as well as best-in-class fuel economy, in keeping with Hyundai's pledge to be the industry's eco-leader. The estimated power and torque of 1.6 Gamma are respectively 124ps and 156 N.m while those of 1.4 Gamma are 107ps and 135 N.m. The powerful and fuel-efficient Gamma engine will be mated to a four-speed automatic transmission or a standard five-speed manual transaxle.

Production version of this concept car is scheduled to begin at Hyundai's first full-cycle plant in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Russia(HMMR) in January 2011, and will join the Hyundai lineup in the spring of 2011.

(Note: All specifications and details in this release are based on the model for Russia)