2010 Mercedes SL-Class widebody by Misha Designs review and pictures

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Mercedes SL-Class widebody by Misha Designs

The Mercedes SL Widebody package from Misha Designs offers to interested customers a completely new front bumper with a lower Carbon Fiber lip spoiler, with a more powerful look due to the large and more aggressive openings. Carbon fiber slats complete the original design of the hood, while the side skirts appear to have a smooth flow into the new wider rear fender flares. Downforce is also incresed by the rear Trunk spoiler. This kit is available on the market for all SL Mercedes produced from 2003-Present and includes almost everything, except for the headlights and center grill.


The kit includes an all new front bumper with lower Carbon Fiber lip spoiler. The larger and more aggressive openings draw in more air to cool the powerful AMG Mercedes. The fenders are wider similar to the SL Black Series and are functional drawing air out from behind the front tires. The hood is an all original design with carbon fiber slats at the top where it is vented. The Side skirts flow smoothly into the new wider rear fender flares. The rear bumper comes with Carbon fiber gills and a carbon fiber diffuser that helps channel the air and to increase downforce. The rear Trunk spoiler is also designed to increase the downforce.

This kit is made for all SL Mercedes 2003-Present. The kit is a direct bolt on for the 2009 and newer models. This kit also allows you to convert your pre 2009 SL to the new facelifted 2009 and newer SL Mercedes. The kit includes everything your will need except for the headlights and center grill.

Go to www.MishaDesigns.com for more images and information

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