2011 Audi Q3 by Abt Sportsline Preview review and pictures

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Audi Q3 by Abt Sportsline Preview

A special coupe is about to come out. The new ABT Audi Q3 will redefine what "sport car" means, thanks to its dynamic but also classy shapes, features and power.

ABT Audi Q3 will have an impressive engine available in four versions: one of 170 HP that has been converted into a 210 HP one, a 2.0 TSI that should bring out no less than 250 HP and the SUV versions, 2.0 TDI, with 140 HP converted to 170 HP and standard 177 HP converted to 195 HP. We recommend you the diesel engines, since those have a bigger power but they are also a little more eco-friendly.

No matter what type of engine you will choose, you will receive an ABT Audi Q3 that will combine the maximum urban sportiness with reliability and usability. The design elements of this car are attractive and eye-catching. We can remind here its light metal alloys, distinctive tornado curves, exhaust pipe covers and rear wing, which are really incredible and unique.

Coming soon at ABT - The new Audi Q3

Kempten commitment to maximum urban sportiness - the new ABT Q3

"The Q3 is an extremely athletic yet very elegant vehicle. It combines the powerful aesthetics of a robust car with the shape of a cool coupe", explains Hans-J?rgen Abt. For the CEO of ABT Sportsline, the world's largest tuner of vehicles from the VW Group, the latest offspring of the SUV family represents an absolute highlight in the product range: "In its class the Q3 is something special. For our designers it provides the perfect working basis, as it is both classy and dynamic", states Hans-J?rgen Abt. For example the Abts were able to further accentuate the unique tornado curves of the Q3 with side sills. In connection with the striking ABT front grill and the front spoiler the inherently compact car seems more powerful and to have more presence. The rear wing, rear apron and exhaust pipe covers ensure that from the rear of the SUV you can see that the car has a good figure.

After all the ABT Q3 does not just look sporty - it is sporty too: the engineers from Bavaria are currently working on the final tests of the individual ABT POWER performance packages. But it is already certain that the new car will provide an additional boost of maximum sportiness and extra driving enjoyment in practically all situations. As a result the most powerful version of the 2.0 TSI is expected to offer 250 HP or 184 kW (series standard: 211 HP/155 kW). The 170 HP version (125 kW) has been converted by ABT Sportsline into a sports engine with 210 HP (154 kW). For SUVs, a diesel engine is of course always a good, economical solution. As a result ABT POWER is also available for both performance levels of the economic 2.0 TDI: the series standard 140 HP (103 kW) is increased to 170 HP (125 kW), while the version with 177 HP (130 kW) as standard offers a high-torque 195 HP (143 kW) after the power treatment by ABT. The turbo diesel with two litre cubic capacity is the first choice if you want a little more, for example if the athletic ABT Q3 is also to be used as a workhorse.

Regardless of which engine is chosen, the customer always receives a vehicle which combines maximum driving fun with everyday usability and reliability. The fact that handling and optics do not have to suffer due to the car's diversity is proved emphatically by the SUV of ABT. And the new Q3 in particular is a really attractive car, its design elements harmonise with the performance improvements - both have been developed as it were from the high demands of ABT customers. Consequently the extravagant light metal alloys from the CR and DR ranges suit the ABT Q3's powerful-robust coupe shape perfectly. It goes without saying that the alloys are also available in combination with strong load-bearing high-performance tyres - in accordance with the commitment to maximum urban sportiness.

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