2011 LUMMA CLR X 650 kit for BMW X6 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 10 February 2011 , 10:02:55 byAlina

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LUMMA CLR X 650 kit for BMW X6

Based on the BMW X6, the LUMMA CLR X 650 is described by four individual Recaro sports shell seats together with unique and fantastic features that create a sporty and confident ambience in the car.
Contrasting colour is provided by leather upholstery in beige and black, completed by the finest Alcantara applied to the plastic coverings, while a leather upholstered sports steering wheel proves style and premium quality. But the LUMMA X6 does not concern only the interior, providing also an impressive power boost with the LUMMA D-Box for all diesel engines. This results in 340 HP and an increased torque of up to 670 Nm. Furthermore, the new bodykit released by LUMMA Design brings out the car's sporty nature with the side skirts, rear bumper, front spoiler, rear spoiler which have acquired a significant prestige.
The LUMMA CLR X 650 is around 40 millimetres lower due to a sports spring kit, anouncing a more agile driving, while perfect handling is delivered by the LUMMA sports rims, size 10x22 inch at the front and 12x22 inch at the rear.
Customers can order the individual components of the LUMMA CLR X 650 either directly from LUMMA Design's headquarters in Winterlingen or from specialised stockists.

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