2011 Chevrolet Sonic Sema Show review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 , 03:10:02 byEmil

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Chevrolet Sonic Sema Show

A new Chevrolet shows up at SEMA! Almost all the Chevrolet cars exposed at SEMA are wearing conceptual Z-Spec design and many other features that are ment to atract audience. Chevrolet choosed to expose their cars in order to see if people like the cars and show their new ideas and concepts. The Chevrolet Cruze is Chevrolet's best selling car in the U.S. The vice president Chris Perry said that performance can be found in smaller cars too,that's why Sonic and Cruze,the two models of Chevrolet,are so popular on the market. The Sonic Z-Spec is available in four concept shapes,namely: The Sonic Z-Spec #1 is a turbocharged car,the exterior design is amazing,racing style steering wheel,performance brakes,high-flow exhaust system. Sonic Z-Spec #2 Is the aggressive model,flat bottom steering wheel,1.4 liter turbo engine,six speed manual transmission,also includes the performance brakes and the high-flow exhaust system. Sonic Z-Spec 4D Concept The formal car,it is a sedan with amazing ground effects,grille and a rear spoile. New suspension parts are available on thic concept. Sonic Dusk This concept car is the most subtle,the design is very simple,one of the beautiful things on this car are the the blue tinted lights,Mojave leather interior,custom audio system. Chevrolet also keeps some secrets about their new car that will be revealed only a the SEMA show!

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