2011 Mazda3 / Mazda6 MPS tunned by BBR review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 13 November 2011 , 10:11:03 byVeronica

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Mazda3 / Mazda6 MPS tunned by BBR

The 2011 Mazda3/Mazda6 MPS received a performance package from BBR, a renowned Mazda tuner. The customers are offered a choice of three engine tuning upgrades, which deliver outputs of 290, 320, as well as an outstanding 350+ bhp. Thus, an ECU remap transforms the driveability and performance of the Mazda3, obtaining a smoother driving experience as compared to the one provided by the factory ECU settings. Furthermore, aiming to suit client's driving requirements, it is possible to tailor the Mazda 3 MPS's BBR Starchip. The Phase One conversion delivers a sensational 290 bhp at only 5,200 rpm. BBR's Phase Two package offers, at an affordable price, a sensational upgrade for those enthusiasts who seek more performance. As an option to complement the Phase 2 upgrade, a BBR stainless steel cat back exhaust system is available for those customers who want a sportier exhaust note. BBR's Phase Two Conversion further comprises a BBR Spec High Fuel Pump, a BBR High Flow inlet hose set, a BBR high flow exhaust downpipe and a high flow filter, which increases throttle response and comes with a million mile warranty. In addition to the Phase Two Conversion, BBR also offers two turbocharger upgrade options. BBR Turbo option one replaces all bearings and seals, high flow compressor wheel, CNC re-profiled compressor cover, Billet motorsport 360 thrust bearing and thrust washers, solid billet cutback turbine wheel, Core balanced to motorsport spec, while the second option was developed specifically for those enthusiasts looking for 350+ bhp. BBR has developed its own suspension upgrades in order to improve the Mazda's chassis dynamics both on road and track.

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