2011 Mercedes CLS by Misha Design review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 22 May 2012 , 04:05:50 byDan

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Mercedes CLS by Misha Design

German Mercedes-Benz receives a new body kit for its 2011 CLS from Misha Design. After the modifications, the four-door coupe looks a lot more aggressive than before. At the front it features a new spoiler with big air intakes and a different hood that also has air intakes for cooling the engine compartment. At the rear it features a new bumper with vents for cooling the rear brakes and also an integrated diffuser. In terms of aerodynamics, the tuner offered small roof wing and also a boot lid. In case the front brakes are too hot, there are also vents to keep them cool. The model runs now in 21-inch rims and so far, the price for the modifications was not revealed.

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