2011 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG - World record for longest drift review and pictures

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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG - World record for longest drift

On 19 June the world record for the longest car drift has been broke at Mercedes-Benz World, in Surrey, by Mauro Calo. The total distance achieved in all the 8 leaps is 2308 meters, 394 meters longer than the previous record.

This is not the first time when Mauro Calo tries his driving skills at the Mercedes-Benz World, since he provides entertaining and driving experience for those who are visiting the location.

The commercial operations director of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Andrew Mallery said that the company gave all the support that they could when Mauro Calo announced his intention to break the world record for the longest car drift. Also, he praised his driving skills and his contributions to the results achieved by his team. The director said that everybody was sure that Calo will succeed in breaking the record and that there was no doubt regarding this.


Today, 19 June, Mauro Calo proved his driving flair by breaking the world record for the longest car drift at Mercedes-Benz World, Surrey. Mauro smashed the existing World Record by 394 metres achieving a total distance of 2308 metres to add his name to the record books and the title to his established driving career.

To achieve the record breaking distance, Mauro chose part of the Handling Circuit at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge Surrey. The circuit provided a complete 360 degree circle of tarmac which saw him complete almost 8 laps.

Mauro is no stranger to Mercedes-Benz World as his career as a professional driver includes working at the venue providing driving experiences to guests and also entertaining crowds with precision driving skills in the dynamic Silver Arrows Display.

Andrew Mallery, Commercial Operations Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars commented: "When Mauro approached us to hold his record breaking attempt on the circuit at Mercedes-Benz World we were happy to offer him the support. He has been a valuable member of the driving experience team for several years and is a respected driver in the industry, so there was no doubt he would achieve his aim".

For further information on events and activities at Mercedes-Benz World contact Simon Bench ? simon.bench@daimler.com 01908 245611.

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