2011 Rinspeed BamBoo concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 1 December 2010 , 11:12:07 byVeronica

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Rinspeed BamBoo concept

Bound to evoke plenty of admiration at the next Geneva Motor Show, from March 3rd to 13th, 2011, "Bamboo" represents the latest creation which successfully resembles a grown-up golf cart, featuring many interior components made from bamboo fibers. Drivers who long for sun, summer, lightness and easiness will find all these beautifully embeded in this car, a reminiscence of the Seventies, suggesting the South of France with its beautiful Saint Tropez. But this simple retro design is not a mere nostalgia as Rinderknecht interprets and evolves the automobile references of the time into the future, showing an absolute desire for harmony and the power of creation. All these characteristics represent a "must", as the Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht, stated - Nomen est omen, the name says it all with sports simple, clean lines and plain aesthetics in their purest form.

"BamBoo" - the Pure Roots of Mobility

The names of the concept cars from Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht are more than marketing-driven slick onomatopoeia that polls well with focus groups. At Rinspeed names often have a deeper meaning. That is also true for the latest creation from Rinderknecht. "BamBoo" is the name of his latest 'baby' that resembles a grown-up golf cart and is bound to evokes plenty of admiration at the next Geneva Motor Show which runs from March 3rd through 13th, 2011.

Nomen est omen - the name says it all - is immediately apparent: Many interior components are made from bamboo fibers. But the four-seater "BamBoo" takes it to a whole new level - to the Meta level so to speak: This open-top vehicle awakens the longing for sun, summer, for lightness and easiness, the desire to be at the beach. It is a reminiscence of the Seventies, of the south of France and St. Tropez. And one would expect to find Brigitte Bardot behind the wheel with playboy Gunther Sachs at her side heading towards Tahiti beach..

Anyone who might think that this is simple retro design for nostalgia's sake underestimates the boss of the Swiss concept powerhouse. Yes, Rinderknecht incorporates the automobile references of the time. But he doesn't leave it at that. He reinterprets them and evolves them into the future. And he focuses in them the yearning to get back to the roots, paired with the absolute desire to be in harmony with creation. That makes electric drive, also for the onboard foldable two wheeler for the last "mile", a must.

Anyone not blinded by horsepower orgies, chrome tinsel and top-speed frenzy should take a closer look. "BamBoo" pushes the 'reset' button, clears the mind for a new way of thinking. It sports simple, clean lines. No bells, no whistles. Nothing is superfluous. Plain aesthetics in their purest form. As stated before and even in a figurative sense: Nomen est omen. Simply bamboo.