2012 BMW 1M RS by Alpha-N Performance review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 7 June 2012 , 09:06:34 byEmil

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BMW 1M RS by Alpha-N Performance

A German tuning company comes to life after the Brabham Racing closes. Its name is Alpha-N and it turns its entire attention towards the development of carbon body components to continue the maintenance of all BT vehicles. Not long ago, we had the opportunity to see the tuning program prepared for the BT89 that has as base the E92 BMW 3-Series. The next German model in line to receive some upgrades is the BMW 1M coupe. Actually, according to Alpha-N its name is no longer 1M, but 1M RS. The improvement list contains a ventilated hood made of carbon, carbon luggage lid spoiler, a carbon rear fascia diffuser and as expected, front fascia add-on carbon lower spoilers. Because of the new material used, the model is now a lot lightweight. Now, in terms of engine performance, tuner Alpha-N manages to obtain a 70 horsepower improvement on the output. The standard model was capable of developing 340 horsepower, but now, after the modifications, the 1M RS can produce 410 horsepower. The basic upgrades that helped the tuner obtain this improvement refer to a remapped ECU, new air intake and also exhaust system. To handle the extra power, the engineers also had to revise the braking system. Now it is equipped with a MAC high-performance braking system with 6-piston calipers, 380 mm disks and also braided stainless steel lines. All the output is being transferred to the road through OZ Superforgiata rims that measure 8.5x19-inch on the front axle and 10x19-inches on the rear one. All are covered in 245 and 265 width Michelin Cup tires. In the end we can say that all the hard work pays off now and the talent and dedication of the engineers can be seen in the final result.

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