2012 BMW 3-Series by AC Schnitzer review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 4 October 2012 , 01:10:07 byEmil

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BMW 3-Series by AC Schnitzer

Time has come to see exactly what kind of upgrade program the AC Schnitzer specialists have prepared for the Bavarian BMW 3-Series. To be more precise, the engineers are focusing their attention towards the 318d and the 320d model. The new BMW 3-Series was launched officially not long ago and it manages to win over even more hearts and all thanks to the talented aftermarket specialists.

The tuning kit increases the outputs to 171 horsepower and 218 respectively. During the development process we had the 328i and 335i which are now capable of producing 294 horsepower and 360 horsepower. The best thing about the tuning program is that the power boost is not the only thing going on. AC Schnitzer specialists have also developed a specially made suspension lowering spring kit and a sports rear silencer with one or two chromed tail pipes. To transfer the power to the road, the engineers have offered 18- to 20-inch alloy wheels. The process is still in the final development stage, but for sure, now, after the modification, the models will become even more impressive. Thanks to the suspension spring kit, the specialists and because it was lowered, the model can never lose ground adhesion no matter the road conditions. The Type IV BiColor and silver, Type VI and Type VIII in 18-to 20-inch wheels developed by AC Schnitzer have a big contribution to this characteristic. These features create a solid, but in the same time elegant basis for the wheel arches. The specialists also offer the Type VIII wheel in BiColor silver to the range available in 18-, 19- and 20-inch which manage to impress a lot of fans with their elegance.

Because of the aerodynamic elements, the model is more dynamic and looks sportier. For the ones that want more, the specialists offer a new front spoiler, rear roof spoiler, rear spoiler and rear skirt extension and chrome front grille.

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