2012 BMW concept30 by TMCars review and pictures

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BMW concept30 by TMCars

The Bavarian carmaker BMW gave up on the E30, a model built between 1982 and 1990 and stopped with the body styles. The specialists prepared a successor, the E36 and this was the end of the classic E30. What if BMW had not stop? This is the question the Hungarian specialists from TMCars asked had and the answer they found now has a name: TM concept30. This year, the Germans celebrate 30 years since the launch f the E30 3-Series and the new concept carries its name. The engineers from TMCars wanted more than just a pure study. They saw the concept30 as a styling kit that can modify the appearance of any E30 3-Series that are still in use today.

BMW declared that they tried to keep its main features unchanged. For example, the shoulder line which we can see running from the headlamps along the side to the tail lamps remained intact. So is the line on the lower side if the body. This creates the link between the front intakes with the exhaust outlets with the body wide line in-between. This actually goes along the sides and shapes the rear and front bumpers. The tuners will only build a limited number of units. 12 pieces will replace or attach to any BMW E30 coupe. There might be a lot of enthusiasts who think having a modern looking classic is not really such a great thing, on the contrary.

The street version of the E30 has the original glasshouse and roof, but the wheel arches are designed for the original suspension which is equipped with slightly wider wheels. There is another story with the race version. The wheel arches can be specially made to fit any suspension and it adds a wider C-pillar like the first generation M3. The glasshouse remains the same. Anyway, apparently both versions can be driven on the road. There is no way to find out whether the Hungarians will produce the TM concept30 or not. They will wait for the reaction of the public and only then make a decision.
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