2012 BMW M5 by Manhart review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 17 April 2012 , 13:04:57 byEmil

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BMW M5 by Manhart

The BMW M5 received a tuning kit from aftermarket specialists from Manhart. The model is now called the MH5. Under the hood it hides a 4.4-liter V8 engine capable of developing 633 horsepower and 780 Nm of torque. The extra power comes from a reprogrammed ECU. The tuner did not release any other information on this model, but they did say they are now working on a faster version of the M5 F10. The kit also includes a specially made flap-controlled exhaust system with 90-mm exhaust pipes and 20-cell sports catalytic converters. The model runs on 21-inch alloy wheels and it features an adjustable coil-over suspension. The kit will be available for sale before the end of April.

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