2012 Citroen Berlingo review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 , 06:09:13 byEmil

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Citroen Berlingo

French carmaker Citroen has a lot of experience with pure-electric commercial vehicles and for the past twenty years these specialists have been doing it. Some of the models you probably already know are the C15, the C25 and the first generation Berlingo LCV. Their ambitions do not stop here and for this reason, the carmaker has decided to produce a new model. This time we are talking about the new Electric Berlingo. The specialists will reveal it this month on the 18th at the 2012 Hanover Motor Show.

The Citroen marketing specialists were very clever and try to convince business users that this vehicle is perfect for their image. The new Berlingo actually offers a positive image for the company and shows their customers that Citroen wants and it is close to the environment. It is clever indeed. Under the bonnet, the new model hides an electric power train. The two-part 22.5 kWh battery pack is situated under the floor in the rear end of the vehicle, to be more precise. This only offers a flat load area. The electric motor has been developed by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and used as base their own electric power train. The output reaches 49 kW and 200 Nm of torque and it uses a speed reducer to drive the front wheels. The driving range offered by the battery goes up to 170 km and once empty, it can be charged in 6 to 12 hours in the normal mode. In the quick-charge mode, the battery can be charged around 80 % in 30 minutes.

The specialists that worked on the Citroen Electric Berlingo also offered hill start assist coupled to the ESP system, a deceleration and braking energy recovery system, but also eco-driving information that shows the driver at any moment the energy consumption and the regeneration indicator. The combustion versions of the Citroen Electric Berlingo will be offered in two lengths. The first one, the normal one actually will measure 4.38 m and the other one will measure 4.63 m. the ones interested should know the carmaker plans to offer it for sale sometime at the middle of next year.