2012 Fiat Ducato review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 , 13:10:37 byAngela

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Fiat Ducato

The 2012 Fiat Ducato has become even more attractive and it is scheduled to go on sale in October 2011. After three decades and five generations, the latest Ducato appears to be cheaper as compared to the model it replaced, boasting a stylish interior which has maintained Ducato's trademark functionality and comfort, providing the feeling of more car-like cockpit. The dashboard has an integrated radio/CD player with MP3 compatibility as standard and glossy black surfaces surrounding it. The TomTom ,,my port,, received enough space due to the upper central part of the dashboard, which was redesigned. In terms of powertrain, the new model comprises four outputs from two engine capacities, giving customers the possibility of choosing the one that best fitted their driving style. However, no matter the engine chosen, Fiat's latest MultiJet technology will be available as it meets the strict Euro 5 emissions legislation by producing lower CO2 emissions and having longer service intervals, so the vehicle spends more time on the road earning its keep and less time in the garage. There are some details which determine the high performance of the engine, such as the optimisation of torque delivery thanks to the turbocharger's wastegate valve which enables the gradual outflow of some exhaust gases at more than 2200rpm. Ranging from eight to 17 m3, there will be eight different capacities of van and, because Ducato is not just a van, the converters receive an enormous choice of base vehicle for anything from a a minibus to a motorhome or even a flatbed truck, due to the various lengths and Gross vehicle Weights of the chassis combined with the new engines. The body structure of the new Ducato is hugely versatile, allowing a GVW of up to 4000kg, while all models can have self-levelling pneumatic suspension. The Traction+ system is another option and it makes extensive use of the the engine's Electronic Stability Programme, in order to be able to simulate the behaviour of a self-locking differential. The Ducato is planned to be built in the Sevel plant in Val di Sangro between Atessa and Paglieta in the Italian province of Chieti, which is well-known for being the largest commercial vehicle factory in Europe covering an area of more than 1.2 million square metres.