2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV by DMC review and pictures

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Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV by DMC

As we all know, Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini revealed the Aventador J Speedster, evaluated at EUR2.1 million, this year in March at the Geneva Motor Show. For sure, enthusiast and not only have felt they adrenalin level rise when the model was in action. The bad news was that the carmaker only built 1 model and was sold before it was presented officially to the public. The name of the buyer is still unknown.

Anyway, there is still hope for the ones that were simply fascinated by the styling details of the Aventador J Speedster. German design and tuning specialists from DMC have developed a tuning package that is capable of imitating the design of the unique model on the Aventador Coupe. The package contains different elements that boost the power. To be more precise, we are now talking about the new Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV that got one of the 10 kits manufactured for the entire globe. The carmaker said that all customers will be hand-picked. The Marketing Manager from DMC did not mention any info on the price, but according to him money is not really a problem for their clients. Apparently, each kit will available only in one shade or body finish. All DMC SV will be different. It seems that each of the 10 customers will receive a styling package that will contain new sharply designed front bumper with a protruding spoiler and canards and side skirts with diffuser panels.

The list continues with a big rear wing and a new rear bumper with a spoiler and a diffuser. The engineers have only used carbon fiber for the parts. The extensive program enables the model to develop 700 PS and up to 900 PS. As expected, the interior was not left behind, but on the contrary, it was also upgraded.

Source: carscoop.blogspot

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