2012 Lexus LF-LC Concept in Sydney review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 18 October 2012 , 10:10:19 byEmil

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Lexus LF-LC Concept in Sydney

Japanese specialists from Lexus revealed the LF-LC model at the Detroit Motor Show. Back then, they also revealed the fact that they plant to offer another version of the model. Now we know exactly what they were taking about. The truth is that they will present the Lexus LF-LC in a different shade, at the upcoming Australian Auto Show that will take place in Sydney. According to the carmaker, new color of the LF-LC Blue actually has as base the glossy color found in the semi-precious opal stone that we can see in Australia in its natural habitat. To be more precise, the differences between the model presented in Detroit and this new one refer to the exterior color, but also to the interior one.

The Japanese specialists have managed to combine the blue exterior shade with very light beige leathers and covered the seats and the door panels with it. Because the engineers have used a lot of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy materials, the new sports coupe has a very light body weight. The new model features the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system which may mate a strong yet efficient Atkinson cycle combustion engine to an advanced high-energy battery pack. The engine can be found in the front and it uses a rear-wheel drive system.

The gasoline-electric hybrid power train of the Lexus LF-LC Blue is capable of producing 499 horsepower. Lexus is really considering building a production version of the sports car in the future, even though, the current concept is half real as it teaches Lexus engineers how to build new, innovative vehicles. This is all for now from the Japanese yard, but we will be able of offering more information on the new Lexus LF-LC Blue soon, as the Auto Show is getting closer.

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