2012 Lexus LF-LC Coupe review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 17 July 2012 , 03:07:41 byEmil

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Lexus LF-LC Coupe

Japanese carmaker Lexus wanted to send the incredible LF-LC concept to production and reveal it during the Detroit Motor Show together with the premiere of the 2+2 sports coupe. In the end, the carmaker changed its mind. Apparently they have different plans. The specialists will try to fill the void left by the SC 430, the model that was discontinued back in 2010 offering the permission for staring the production of the Lexus LF-LC concept. Because dealers and distributors have showed their interest in the new model, the carmaker took the initiative and decided to start working on the production version of the Lexus LF-LC.

There is another reason they took this decision. After the LFA limited edition will finish, they will need some sportiness to the lineup and the Lexus LF-LC is just perfect. For the last 11 years, Lexus was the best-selling luxury brand in the US, but now they have lost the title in favor of the Germans from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The Lexus LF-LC will be used as a halo car.

Different Lexus officials said the Lexus LF-LC will be an easy version of the LFA and not a traditional coupe. It will take approximately another three years until the concept will receive the production shape, or at least this is what the specialists say. Of course, the Japanese carmaker could do something about the speed of the process. To be more precise, everything would go smoother if they will choose to use an existing platform, maybe the next IS. The Lexus LF-LC concept might also receive a hybrid power-train and the production version might use one of the existing hybrid power-trains. Nothing is for sure yet, but the carmaker will keep us updated for sure regarding its intensions.

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