2012 Nissan GT-R by Vilner review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 , 02:10:41 byEmil

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Nissan GT-R by Vilner

Bulgarian specialists from Vilner have developed several styling programs for different models like for example the interior styling program developed for the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. Time has come for a Nissan GT-R to receive the same treatment from the talented engineers. The order came from an Asian customer and the car now features elements of dragon as this year is the year of the dragon. The specialists have developed the project and it was approved.

Vilner started working right away on its interior design. The body of the dragon was transmitted by embroideries inside, winding around the seats and passing through the center console. The designers have also combined the black base with black Alcantara and black carbon leather. The door panels, dashboard and the black console. The seats have red edges which correspond with the dragon at the roof, but also with the red seams of the dashboard. Let us turn our attention towards the steering wheel. The engineers have made it out of carbon and so is the gear shifter. At a close look you can see different details that were painted in red chrome.

Actually, the designers did not choose the red elements in a random way. In fact, red is the original color of the car. The difference is that the car received a white mat foiling finish in addition. Next on the list are the exhaust pipes. These are made of titanium and actually the original ones were boosted to 530 whp from 440 whp. These are all the information available on the Nissan GT-R units improved by Vilner, but we can all agree their professionalism did a great job.

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