2012 Scion FR-S at SEMA review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 29 October 2012 , 12:10:10 byDan

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Scion FR-S at SEMA

Scion plans to present three FR-S project cars at the SEMA Show this week. Now different pictures are available for an easier understanding. The carmaker actually made a competition by offering the model to three tuning companies to come up with customization programs. They imposed a $15.000 budget and three months to transform the car. The winner would get to take home $10.000. The three specialists to participate are John Toca from Chicago, Daniel Song from Orange County, California and last, but not least, from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Chris Basselgia.

The first proposal goes by the name of Carbon Stealth FR-S. The idea was to develop a beige-colored RF-S with a FiveAD aero package with parts made of carbon fiber. To send the output to the wheels, the model used 19-inch wheels covered in Pirelli P Zero tires measuring 235 / 35 on the front axle and 235 / 30 r19 on the rear one. On the inside it features Recaro sport seats, a 6-point roll cage, carbon fiber dash inserts and a lot more. To power the car, the specialists used a Vortech supercharger to increase the output of the boxer and offered stronger brakes which were modified as well. Next on the list we have the RF-S GT developed by Daniel Song. He used carbon fiber vinyl wrap and the body was designed by JONSIBAL. To send the output to the wheels, the engineers have used 18-inch wheels covered in Toyo Proxes 4 Plus tires measuring 235 / 40 r18 on the front axle and 275 / 25 on the rear one. For the interior, the Scion FR-S received Sparco bucket seats, a push start ignition system, carbon fiber trims and door panels. To produce power, the model uses a 2.0-liter flat four with a Vortech supercharger and an air-to-air intercooler.

In the end we have the Scion Minty FReSh developed by Basselgia. For the exterior, the specialist offered a duck bill spoiler, nre front and rear bumpers and to send the output to the wheels the engineers have provided 19-inch wheels covered in 225 / 35 Falken tires. Under the hood, the new version hides an Eaton roots supercharger, a new intake manifold. To handle the extra power, he offers larger and more powerful brakes and an Airlift suspension.

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