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SEAT Mii five-door

Seat revealed a new Mii model, a five-door that combines sporty design, rear doors and outstanding functionality. The model features a new generation of engines. The compact 3-cylinder that offers three outputs 60 and 75 horsepower ensures fleet-footed agility and compelling dynamics. It is able to reach a top speed of 160 and 171 km/h. The model features a start/stop system that reduces the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions. The innovative Seat Portable System is part of the standard equipment. The innovative solution can be removed for mobile use. This can be combined with the integrated radio and speaker system and it had different kinds of functions like navigation system, hands-free phone capability with voice control and also an on-board computer. Deliveries of the new model will start at the beginning of this summer.

SEAT Mii - five doors bring even more versatility

  • Optimum usability in a super-compact package
  • Mii Ecomotive with just 96 grams CO2/km
  • Innovative City Safety Assist and SEAT Portable System
  • Deliveries start early summer 2012

SEAT is expanding the Mii line-up - the young city car is even more versatile as a five-door. The additional rear doors turn the super-compact SEAT into a unique combination of exceptional driving fun, sporty design and outstanding functionality. At the same time, the Mii remains true to SEAT principles - making it a highly affordable pleasure with excellent value-for money and low cost-of-ownership. Deliveries of the five-door SEAT Mii start in early summer 2012.

The Mii scores top marks in fuel consumption and efficiency thanks to its systematic lightweight design and its highly efficient drives. This applies in particular to the new Mii Ecomotive, which will also join the line-up this summer. Thanks to a start/stop system, recuperation and further initiatives to improve fuel consumption, it makes do with just 4.1 litres of fuel per 100 km, equating to CO2 emissions of only 96 grams/km for the 44kW (60hp) version and 4.2 and 98 grams for the 55kW (75hp)version.

"The new Mii has enjoyed a terrific start. Customer response in Spain is outstanding and we are now bringing the entire line-up to the other European markets - complete with the three-door, five-door and Ecomotive versions," says James Muir, President of SEAT, S.A. "With its distinctive SEAT identity, its youthful design and its high quality standards, the five-door Mii in particular is set to capture a significant share of the sub-compact segment. This makes the Mii an important factor in our corporate strategy. The Mii marks the start of the most extensive model offensive ever undertaken by SEAT."

The compact format of just 3.56 metres long makes the Mii the perfect companion for today's urban environments. Yet, thanks to its optimum use of space, it offers plenty of room for four. With a volume of 251 litres, the Mii also boasts one of the largest luggage compartments in its class, expanding to no less than 951 litres with the rear seat back folded forward.

The new five-door offers even more functionality within an unchanged exterior format. The rear doors, with their wide opening angle, make for straightforward access to and egress from the rear bench - small children can be fastened into their child seats with ease, shopping bags can be stowed behind the front seats in one simple movement. With their compact dimensions, the doors also enable easy entry and exit even in tight parking spaces.

The unusually large surface area of the rear side windows ensures the best possible all-round visibility, while the pop-out function delivers optimum ventilation combined with a high degree of safety for children travelling in the rear.

And the feeling of spaciousness that is inherent in the Mii will be reinforced by the addition to the range of a panoramic sunroof from March. The glass roof will extend back most of the length of the Mii's roof, giving a panoramic view to all occupants. To prevent interior temperatures from becoming uncomfortable on warm and sunny days, there is a sliding blind which can be drawn across the roof to block sunlight from entering.

As well as providing added light into the cabin, the roof can be opened. Occupants can choose to open the roof by tilting it upwards for a little ventilation or it can be opened more fully by sliding it back externally.

In terms of on-board occupant safety, head restraints for the rear seat passengers and child locks on the rear doors are, of course, standard equipment.

"The five-door is the perfect expansion to our Mii line-up. Just as sporty, just as dynamic, but with a considerable increase in usability. When it comes to urban mobility, the Mii fulfils all demands and desires," says Dr. Matthias Rabe, SEAT Vice-President for Research and Development. "With its low weight and modern drives, the Mii is both sporty and efficient at the same time. This applies especially to the Ecomotive model with its exceptionally low consumption and emissions figures."

The Design - strong character with sporty individuality
As a five-door, too, the Mii retains the strong character of its distinctive design. One decisive factor is the perfect proportions, arising from the width of 1.64 metres, the long wheelbase of 2.42 metres and the exceptionally short overhangs front and rear. The steeply angled rear end facilitates the Mii's incredibly generous interior space - optimum functionality is particularly important in the sub-compact segment.

The additional rear doors fit perfectly and very discreetly into the clearly defined side view. The roof contour remains unchanged, while the rear roof pillar retains its broad and powerful form. The window line runs a little lower than on the three-door and is emphasised in the side aspect by the clear shadow line. The powerful door handles indicate the Mii's high level of quality and solidity

In its five-door format, too, the Mii is immediately recognisable as a member of the SEAT family, while its new headlamp form marks a development in the SEAT design language. Its side view is characterised by the distinctive wheel arches and clean surfaces, and the rear end also displays a new light design featuring triangular light elements.

"The Mii is a real character as a five-door, too - modern and expressive, yet timeless," says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of SEAT Design. "The Mii is a unique combination of sporty chic and design quality with outstanding everyday usability."

The Drive - Ecomotive with top marks in fuel consumption
When it comes to technology and equipment, the five-door matches the three-door version point for point. Beneath the bonnet is a completely new generation of engines. The compact three-cylinder with a one-litre displacement is very light, compact and smooth-running. In two outputs of 44 and 55 kW (60 and 75 hp), it ensures fleet-footed agility and compelling dynamics - and not just in city traffic. With a top speed of 160 and 171 km/h, its fuel consumption comes in at just 4.5 and 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres. Its 35-litre tank delivers long range and enduring driving fun - paired with very low cost-of-ownership.

The new Ecomotive versions of the Mii are particular masters of efficiency - also with 44 and 55 kW (60 and 75 hp). Thanks to a start/stop system, recuperation and other consumption reducing initiatives, they consume a mere 4.1 and 4.2 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres respectively, equating to a CO2 figures of just 96 and 98 grams/km.

The Safety - the Mii looks ahead
The Mii is also a leader when it comes to innovative technologies. City Safety Assist delivers added safety in town - when a risk arises in city traffic the Mii brakes automatically to prevent a possible impact.

At speeds lower than 30km/h, a laser sensor can identify another vehicle or obstacle in the direction of travel, regardless of if that object is stationary or moving. If the system detects a risk of an impact and the driver hasn't applied any braking force, the system then applies the brakes fully or helps the driver to apply maximum braking force. In many cases City Safety Assist can help to avoid an accident altogether or, at the very least, mitigate its severity.

The Infotainment - unique tool aids efficient driving
The innovative SEAT Portable System is, of course, part of standard equipment. The innovative solution with a 5-inch touchscreen can be removed for mobile use, yet is perfectly integrated into the vehicle electronics. Its many functions include navigation system, hands-free phone capability with voice control and an on-board computer. The SEAT Portable System can be combined with the integrated radio and speaker system.

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