2012 Seat Mii Vibora Negra review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 12 July 2012 , 09:07:08 byAngela

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Seat Mii Vibora Negra

The British customers now have the possibility to purchase the new model offered by Seat, the Seat Mii Vibora Negra special edition. The inspiration for building it came from the Mii FR Concept and the Ibiza Bocanegra. The model is now available in dealerships everywhere in the UK. The Vibora Negra features a complete range of personalization accessories specially made for the car and also this is a starting point for the future customization packs the carmaker will have to offer.

The visual effects, but also the accessories take the model to a higher level transforming it into one of the most visually aggressive and sportiest cars currently on sale. The pack includes black side skirts, black mirror caps, black gloss rear knob, black chequered dashboard decal and it sends the power to the road through black 14- or 15-inch alloy wheels. The ones interested should know that each item can be ordered separately, but the 10% discount only applies when the pack is ordered complete. The total savings go up to GBP160. The total price of the pack including VAT and fittings is GBP1.628 for the model equipped with 14-inch wheels and GBP1.740 for the models equipped with 15-inch alloys.

Also, it is very important to know that it can be purchased from Seat dealerships. The fact that items can be bought individually allows everyone to provide something for their cars. The Vibora Negra pack was developed especially for the young drivers that do not have to rob a bank to improve their cars. This package is actually just the beginning. More offers will be available soon. The Mii has just gone on sale, but because of the pack we think the carmaker wants to make it the most desirable sporty car on the British market. The price for the Seat Mii range starts at GBP7.845 in the case of the entry-level S model, so this means the improved Seat Mii Vibora Negra special edition can be obtained for less than GBP9.500.