2012 Bauer Limited Production Catfish Speedster review and pictures

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Bauer Limited Production Catfish Speedster

Bauer Limited Production is a new company that, together with other specialists managed to develop the Catfish, a specially made sports car. This new model actually has as base the Mazda MX-5 two-seat. The specialists chose this car because of its 50:50 weight distribution, because it is easy to built and affordable. The Miata managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records ad the best-selling two-seat sports car. The first model used for the first Catfish prototype cost $800.

The modifications do not refer only to the removing of the exterior panels and bolting on a new body, but the new Catfish ditches all the Miata part it does not need, becoming truly a new car. To be more precise, Bauer Limited Production engineers have given up the trunk, doors, bumpers, hood, shocks, top and convertible frame, headlights and springs. The interior was also extremely modified. The chassis was not kept either as they used the Ron Hemphill-designed space frame. Even if the layout is a lot similar to the Miata, the seat mounts and pedal assembly have been moved back by 1.5-inches to improve driver feel and also the interior space. The battery was relocated behind the passenger seat and also the exhaust was rerouted on the side. The diffuser removes air from under the car and it creates ground effect that pins the rear to the ground.

The new Catfish will be revealed to the public for the first time at the 2012 SEMA Show at the end of next month. This is when the carmaker will also reveal the prices as well. Some officials said the designers actually used the picture of a real catfish during the creation process. Apparently, the specialists will also develop a full racing version, but next year. This is all so far folks.
Source: carscoop.blogspot

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