2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS-R review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 , 00:06:34 byAlina

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Dodge SRT Viper GTS-R

Dodge developed the SRT Viper GTS-R a model that is now being tested. The new model had its first tests on the racetrack at Carolina Motorsports Park, just before its first official debut that will take place at the New York Auto Show. Of course, several more tests will be performed before the carmaker sends it to the ALMS competition later this season. The engineers had not very high expectation from the first day, because all they wanted to know was that the new model is fine, that it has no leaks, mainly just to do a system check to see that everything was on order. The point of testing was not to put on a lot of miles. This will probably happen in day two and three, but not in the first one. They will want to see what happens after the test and change some springs and also some setups, just to see how it will respond to that. Well, in the end this is what they did and the car offered some clues of how they should work in the future so that it becomes more reliable and more competitive. Anyway, the engineers are very excited about the results after a long hard day of work. The best feature of the Dodge SRT Viper GTS-R is the handling according to the engineers and also the fact that nothing was missing in terms of electronics. It seems that the specialists are looking for more details on the car and trying to find out ways to make it a competitive car as soon as possible. Anyway, Gary Johnson, Road Racing Manager for SRT Motorsports said that this first day of the Dodge SRT Viper GTS-R was a special one for him and everybody, just seeing it roll out and go on the racetrack. Despite the tiredness, the specialists enjoyed the moment and their achievement and declared the day a complete success. The most impressive thing is that the model was built from zero, just using a few production-based components. The Dodge specialists still have a lot of work to do before showing up for their first race event. In the next few months, the Dodge SRT Viper GTS-R will spend a lot of time on different racetracks, to test it on different environments and so to improve the abilities of the car finding any possible weaknesses.