2013 Ferrari 458 Spider Elegante by DMC review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 , 09:07:21 byAlina

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Ferrari 458 Spider Elegante by DMC

We now have fresh details on the Ferrari 458 Spider Elegante as it has been revealed by DMC. The standard 458 Italia has an engine capable of generating 570 PS. The tuners have developed a performance package that enables the model to generate 608 PS and 568 Nm f torque. All these modifications have been possible thanks to a remapped engine management system for optimized ignition and injection and the stainless steel exhaust. DMC specialists have decided to develop a combination of 21-inh at the front and 22-inch at the rear which improve the overall handling.

The model also comes with sport springs which have a new appearance by supporting the new weight-ratio and handling as well. On the front axle it uses Pirelli Sport Tires measuring 255/30, while the rear ones have 12 x 22 dimensions in dimensions 335 / 25. The tuners are using the highest-grade 3 piece wheels made of forged alloy which can be ordered in either Virgin Gold or any other finis that the exclusive clients see fit. The body kit features a new, aggressive new look which has seen designed to complete the aerodynamic package. At the front is comes with a new lip splitter which improves the overall road stability. The front hood has been completely replaced with an aggressive vented version and the extended side skirts use a pair of diffuser plates.

The trunk receives a blade wing so that the car is more aerodynamic. There are also several elements like carbon fiber mirrors, front wings, rear diffusers and fog light covers as well. The package is finalized with high quality leathers and carbon fiber.

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